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Liberatus is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, public charity. You can contribute by using the donation tabs on this page. Checks can be mailed to Liberatus at P.O. Box 4897, Alexandria, VA 22303.

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remake politics

After more than three years of building community in Washington, DC and publishing sixteen journal series online, we’re revamping operations. We’re compiling articles to create a beautiful print volume, which we hope to produce annually exploring how the peace of Christ can remake politics. Thank you for participating in political renewal with us.

stories from our writers

I came to Washington with high ideals and big dreams, but the reality of Capitol Hill culture came close to making me give up. However, through Liberatus I have had the opportunity to view my work through a new lens. I no longer see the workday devoid of meaning, but instead, I see it as an opportunity to speak truth and beauty into our broken system. Ideas are powerful, and I believe that God is working through Liberatus to change Capitol Hill.
— Congressional Staffer and Liberatus Writing Team Member
I firmly believe that [the restoration of all things through Jesus] encompasses politics, specifically the American political discourse. The young generation of Christians currently in public service—my generation—has a calling to bring restorative “good news” to bear in the way we work. Only the gospel possesses the power to end the trench warfare that is our political dialogue. The Liberatus message of truth and beauty resonates with my deep desire to play a role in answering this call.
— Congressional Staffer and Liberatus Writing Team Member

why liberatus?

Capitol Hill is a place of continual burn-out, constant partisanship, and operates as a caste system, where it's culturally hard to build relationships among those who are called to represent the nation. Broadly, this describes all of political culture, and specifically, Congress itself often has near zero approval ratings. Our name means "set free;" we believe every aspect of American politics can be transformed by the freedom of the gospel. Liberatus is a place to begin writing that story.

What do we do?

We build community among the dreamers and writers on Capitol Hill or in American politics who are tired of dysfunction and empower them to write about political healing based on their professional experience. We aim to look inward at the ways each of us needs to be reformed before projecting the problems elsewhere and advocate for those who are marginalized. Each journal series is focused on healing for work culture, communication, and personal well-being. 

how are we different?

Ultimately, our vision is healing through freedom. We believe that not only is healing needed in our political culture, but that it is also possible. We define freedom as "the creative pursuit of truth and beauty," and we believe it matters more how we engage in political debate than it does winning a debate to gain power. Through our core values and Philosophy of Freedom in Political Engagement, we've laid the foundation for a radically new way to engage in American politics.