Liberatus is a community journal about bringing truth and beauty to American politics from the inside, because people who work in politics are tired of dysfunction. Writers who join us creatively explore healing for work culture, communication, and personal well-being.

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We Are Set Free. It’s our anthem, a calling, a new way of seeing. It’s a twenty-first century paradigm shift in the way we do politics. Liberatus means set free. We believe that how we govern matters more than grasping for the power to govern. We believe the ones on the inside of American politics can solve dysfunction if they are empowered. We believe healing is possible through a deeper knowledge of freedom.

We come to Washington to fight for freedom, but instead we find dysfunction, partisanship, and burnout. In 1864, Abraham Lincoln said we've never had a good definition for liberty, or freedom. But if we reconnect our concept of freedom to life and work in the Kingdom of Heaven, we can redefine freedom as the creative pursuit of truth and beauty. It's a framework to re-imagine every political interaction. 

Together, we can write a new story of freedom founded deeper than the American ideal. Our vision is political healing for work culture, communication, and personal well-being. We creatively focus each journal series on these three areas, and every journal entry includes a Weekly Action Item to bring our writers' ideas to life. 

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Our Metrics: Stories of Healing

I came to Washington with high ideals and big dreams, but the reality of Capitol Hill culture came close to making me give up. However, through Liberatus I have had the opportunity to view my work through a new lens. I no longer see the workday devoid of meaning, but instead, I see it as an opportunity to speak truth and beauty into our broken system. Ideas are powerful, and I believe that God is working through Liberatus to change Capitol Hill.
— Congressional Staffer and Liberatus Writing Team Member
It’s so encouraging to be part of a new, creative, and refreshing approach to our nation’s political climate.
— Liberatus Writer
It’s poignant and inspirational. It’s always a great read to have early in the morning while the day is still quiet.
— Liberatus Subscriber
Liberatus beckons us with a refreshing voice of clarity to reconsider what freedom truly means.
— Liberatus Donor