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Hope Gray

Hope currently works for the Unaccompanied Children's Division of the Department of Health and Human Services.  She earned a degree in Psychology and has a passion for social justice, refugee services, and the outdoors.  Liberatus serves as a creative way to flesh out the experiences she is having in politics as a believer.  Most weekends you will find Hope exploring coffee shops around D.C. with her husband Zach.

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Makeba Scott Hunter

Makeba Scott Hunter, native New Yorker, is a writer and editor with a background in public affairs, health care, entertainment, and religion. She previously covered the values beat as a news and feature writer for a daily Northern New Jersey paper where all of those entities (and more), interestingly, collided.

She has a Masters in public affairs journalism from the University of Maryland-College Park and and Bachelors degree in history from the University of Virginia. She is an avid reader, music and arts enthusiast, Yankees-lover/Red Sox-hater, and devoted mother, daughter and sister. She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her twin ten-year-old daughters.

Founders & Officers



After pursuing a career in politics for a decade—including a degree in political science, working with grassroots nonprofits and election campaigns, and assisting a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives for more than four years—I followed a call to create Liberatus in March 2015.

In the years leading up to launching this project, I was struck by our desperate need for the values of the Kingdom to transform our work in politics. My change in perspective was largely driven by a deeper experience of Christian community and a realization of how the grace and peace of Jesus can reshape our motives every day.

Through Liberatus it is my hope that we can shake up our political categories by offering a creative outlet for those who are longing for a deeper spiritual journey. As we pursue the true freedom of truth and beauty, it is my hope that we can offer much needed healing to our nation. 


Whenever anyone talks about politics, it's rarely in a positive light. Growing up, I remember politics often being the fast track to a loud, hateful argument. So when I first heard Liberatus' vision to bring healing to the nation—and particularly in American politics and the surrounding culture—I was intrigued. I never thought that I would be involved in anything that remotely touches politics, but the opportunity to create the branding for something that could change the way people view not only politics but also life in general was not something I could turn down. And after spending 4 years as a designer and art director in advertising, I was ready for something fresh. I still work as a designer in Greenville, SC in addition to creating visual elements for Liberatus.

You can view David's personal design website here.

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Claire handscombe

Claire has worked behind the scenes improving nearly everything Liberatus has published to date. In our work of healing, she brings a unique perspective: she's an avid reader, and a beautiful writer herself. And she somehow convincingly claims Brussels, London, and Washington, DC each as her home. 

You can read more about Claire's work in our interview with her on the journal, Claire Handscombe on The West Wing.


Jamison coppola
vice president

Jamison was part of Liberatus when it was just an idea, providing advice and insight months before the founding board meeting. In our first two years, he was our Secretary in addition to guiding the organization to stay true to the vision of healing. He currently works on Capitol Hill as the Legislative Director for the American Association of Christian Schools.

Before arriving in DC with his wife Jordana and daughter Jianna, he was the academy administrator for Front Range Baptist Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. During that time, he and his friends spent countless hours outdoors, taking on the nickname of "Nytehyker" because they always seemed to be hitting trail heads after dark. Prior to moving west, he spent eight years working on staff at Pensacola Christian College, overseeing many aspects of college operations.

Jonathan mccay

amy sluiter

Amy works in international development and human rights with the International Justice Mission. She currently supports the Office of the General Counsel in matters concerning enterprise risk management and board development and governance. Originally from Michigan, Amy studied international relations and political science in college and has a masters degree from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is an active member of Redemption Hill Church in Washington, DC.



pete obermueller

Pete Obermueller is just a Wyoming kid, who came to DC with big ideas and a nerdy love of politics.  In Washington he served as a Graduate Fellow in the Senate, an LA and LD in the House, and as Executive Director of an active House caucus.  In 2013 he returned to Wyoming to work at the county level of government.  He still has big ideas and a nerdy love of politics.

Terassa Wren

Terassa Wren is a PNW native and former Hill Staffer. After a handful of years in Washington, DC she's back in the Northwest eating her way through Portland and still very much obsessed with everything happening in politics. 

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