Liberatus in 2019 and beyond.

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a beautiful print journal on wholeness in politics

The peace of Christ can remake politics. To grow in peace, we envision a journal with a simple, Henri Nouwen-esque voice rooted in the Values of Freedom, plus in-depth features and creative writing from professionals working in politics and government. After publishing 110 digital journal entries on political healing since launching in 2015, we are revamping Liberatus to create an annual 250 page volume on thick matte paper, offering a beautiful artistic expression for what American politics could be. The theme of Volume 1 will be Refuge, advocating for refugees, the displaced, and marginalized.


Values of Freedom

Community   |   Politics can unite us.

Contemplation   |   Politics can be characterized by wisdom.

Creativity   |   Politics can authentically, artistically, reflect the goodness of God.

Simplicity   |   In politics, we can seek the kingdom first.

Adventure   |   Political work can be an endurance race of restoration.

Renewal   |   Politics can drive us to let the Spirit of God restore us.

Excellence  |   Politics can integrate truth and beauty.

Reimagining engagement through a premium experience

For annual donations of approximately $90 or more, Liberatus supporters will receive:

A copy of the annual journal

A free download of a photo pack updated  for each volume

A discount on all other Liberatus store items

A set of postcards in place of email communications

An opportunity to participate in political renewal

reinvesting in political professionals with a stronger organization

Our goal is to empower a community with experiences in American politics to realize healing through creative writing. A stronger organization, made possible by grassroots participation as readers and donors, will open the door to greater depth and presence to build community among political professionals in Washington, DC.

We will recruit Liberatus Ambassadors to build community at a grassroots level, discover new annual donors, and identify new writers in Washington and across the country.

We hope to launch a Kickstarter to create Volume 1 of the journal in 2019.

remake politics with us


Liberatus is a community journal about wholeness in politics, because all of us are tired of dysfunction. Citizens who join us are advocates for how the peace of Christ can remake politics from the ground up.

We hope to continue this work because wholeness is possible. While American politics is often dysfunctional on purpose, we believe the peace of Christ provides an entirely new framework for political engagement, one in which all things are held together in Christ, one in which labels and categories like conservative and liberal are overcome by a kingdom that transcends our temporal divisions and leads us onward to our original unity as children of God.

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Liberatus—A new anthem rises. Community in politics is possible when wisdom is our greatest passion. Life in this Divine Center transforms political work into works of art. Our work is rest; we seek the kingdom of God. Every day is an endurance adventure in restoration, in peace, in wholeness. We believe, but help our unbelief. We accept the freedom of the children of God, with grateful hearts. Freedom, the timeless union of truth and beauty, calls us to fall into our Creator’s goodness—We Are Set Free.