Advocate for Peace Together

Advocate for Peace Together

Part 5: Our partner organizations

A stable presence in Washington, DC—made possible by our writers producing a print volume and a grassroots network ready to receive it—will open the door to greater collaboration with a variety of organizations.

Our approach to political healing models our three primary core values: building community, deepening contemplation and insight, and creativity, in the form of the publication of  each new print volume.

Partnering with other organizations, therefore, will add depth to each of these areas. As we think about how to build community and deepen contemplation, we hope to create new immersive experiences with a variety of partners that will in turn help us create compelling new work depicting how the peace of Christ can remake politics.

The people we have worked with so far, or hope to continue ongoing relationships with, include representatives of the following organizations:

  • Nations

  • America Indivisible

  • Ministry to State

  • Peace City Church

  • Behind the Seen Podcast

  • The Center for Christian Civics

  • Border Perspective

On the day of this journal entry’s publication, I am heading to the US southern border with one of our writers and Yonathan Moya of Border Perspective to see what’s happening there first-hand, to ask questions, and to listen. We plan to share more from the trip in Volume One!

If you would like to connect with us, or if you know of an organization leader with whom we may be able to partner, you are welcome to write to us using the form at the bottom of this page.


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Liberatus is a community journal about wholeness in politics, because all of us are tired of dysfunction. Citizens who join us are advocates for how the peace of Christ can remake politics from the ground up.

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