Give Peace A Voice in Washington

Give Peace a Voice in Washington

Part 2: Why being part of Liberatus matters and where we are heading.

If we give professionals working in American politics and government a creative home to explore healing and wholeness, it can give all of us peace.

As citizens, the voices of political leaders can lead us to hope or to despair, to inclusion or to resistance, to fear or to wisdom. As political leaders, the voices of our citizens can create the climate necessary for hope, inclusion, and wisdom to flourish.

It may seem that these are simply abstract ideas, but when you place them within the context of a policy narrative, their practical nature is revealed. Who has hope that the undocumented friend in our community can gain legal status? Who believes that the country is fully ready to include not only those who have fled violence or oppression in order to breathe free but also differing experiences of race, religion, gender, or financial income? And who believes that seeking wisdom is characterizing the speeches we give in Congress, at conventions, or on cable news?

We believe a print journal will give citizens and voters a tangible way to participate in our shared life together, and as they participate it will give peace a voice in Washington. As Liberatus grows and becomes sustainable, we envision building relationships with 50 writers working in American politics in DC and across the country.

In the four years Liberatus has existed, we have explored and learned together at deeper levels how the peace of Christ is still the path to political healing. Launching a print journal and gaining the support of a grassroots donor network will make it possible to have the presence necessary to reimagine political life in Washington, DC.

Our greatest gift, therefore, will not be the print journal and exciting new content, but rather an ever-deepening awareness of the love that God has for us.


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Liberatus is a community journal about wholeness in politics, because all of us are tired of dysfunction. Citizens who join us are advocates for how the peace of Christ can remake politics from the ground up.

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