Why Liberatus



As I scroll through my Twitter feed, turn on the TV, or talk to people, I'm saddened to see ever more evidence that truth and beauty are absent from the American political discourse. What we're witnessing today is the fruit of a body politic which has wandered from its foundationwe are a people in desperate need of healing. 

However, as followers of Jesus, the gospel we know lays claim to the political realm and upends our human understanding of governance and power. Liberatus is a growing voice committed to speaking a radically different message into the self-exalting echo chamber of American politics. Each week through the weekly journal, followers of this gospel from within the halls of government cast a creative vision for healing in politics through a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be free. As a member of Liberatus' board, I see first-hand the drive and passion underlining this mission. I see the potential for a paradigm shift. I am hopefulon the basis of that gospelthat true healing is coming. 

Liberatus is the mustard seed of this vision. Won't you join and be a part of this collective voice of healing with me? Here are three specific ways you can take action:

  1. Apply to become a writer of the journal
  2. Subscribe to the journal and share this message with others
  3. Give to support this creative pursuit of bringing truth and beauty to American politics

Together, for true freedom.


Jon McCay is a board member and Treasurer of Liberatus. 


Apply to write with us, subscribe to the journal, or contribute monthly. In order to continue publishing weekly, we will need a writing team of 10 people for the 2017 program and an additional $1,100 in monthly support. 

Liberatus is a weekly journal about bringing Truth and Beauty to American politics, written by people on the inside. You can join the adventure by applying to writesubscribing to the journal, or by contributing monthly.

Read more about our phase two plans for 2017: