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Hey guys,

Now through the end of October, you can become a founding donor of LIBERATUS! Today we’re launching a campaign to raise $100,000 so we can push the movement to bring healing and truth and beauty into our political culture forward, growing our writing team over the next year from three to fifteen members.

Many of you know my personal story: after working on Capitol Hill for four years, and pursuing a career in politics for a decade, I was shaken by the idea that we need a deeper knowledge of what freedom means. We need a place to reset within our political culture to rethink our work, seeing it as a creative pursuit of Truth and Beauty.

To bring healing to our political culture, I believe we don’t need to replace leaders we don’t like, or divide over policies instead of debating them in pursuit of Truth. The privilege of our time is that even in a political culture that seems to thrive on dysfunction and division, personal attacks, and stale talking points, we can tear up the script we've been handed and offer healing and Truth and Beauty where we are. 

It’s only the sick who need healing, and it’s only the broken who need saving. Even on the base of our Statue of Liberty, we are described as the world’s tired and poor, its wretched refuse. We are a nation of misfits: a people without a home, and yet our calling is to live and breathe free together.

There are echoes of the Great Story in Emma Lazarus’s words—how have we missed this for so long?

It’s time we begin writing a new story of freedom, founded even deeper than the American ideal. But it won’t do to reminisce about days gone by. We need to leverage the individual freedom we have and lean into authenticity and community. We need to rethink our work, seeing it as a creative pursuit, and like an artist breathe life onto a blank canvas.

To bring healing, we need to begin a journey for the artist in each of us—for the image of a creator in each of us—for the dreamers desperate to tell a better story to come and be empowered to write it.

LIBERATUS is an online journal creatively pursuing Truth and Beauty. Over the next year, our focusand bulk of our work—will be growing our community of writers from three to fifteen, centered on a deeper understanding of freedom. We hope to expand dramatically both the number of people we are able to serve and the volume and impact of the story of freedom we write. As that community comes together and we are able to invest in them, we want to take the seed of our vision and core values, and grow from a weekly entry towards a weekly issue of The Journal. But we need you to write this story with us.

Now through October 31, you can become a founding donor of LIBERATUS. You can be part of the movement to bring Truth and Beauty into our political culture.

Additionally, anyone who donates $100 or more through October 31 will be able to join our creative team and receive exclusive updates and surveys to guide the organization forward as it grows.

And for the first 50 donors who give $150 or more, you will receive a first-edition custom Moleskine journal, imprinted with the LIBERATUS logo and anthem “WE ARE SET FREE” on the cover and a page insert of our core values.

Ultimately though, this isn’t just our message and vision. My hope is that by donating, subscribing, sharing LIBERATUS with your friends, or even applying to join our writing team, you will write this story with us. The adventure is just beginning.

We Are Set Free,


Please Note:

LIBERATUS is a 501c3 tax-exempt, charitable organization.